Buying a property

Buying a Property

If you are a buyer, buying a property is an exciting time. Once you have found your ideal property you will be eager to get through all the paperwork and move in as quickly as possible. To do this, you’ll need to make sure you have the right professional conveyancers working for you. Their expert knowledge will be the key to a fast and efficient transaction. Choosing the right conveyancing practice could mean the difference between moving in or losing out on your dream property.

How we will help you?

You will first have to fill up the online form for us to review your contract. We will then call you, answer all your queries, absolutely free of charge as well as give you suggestions that can help you make the process as simple and easy as possible for you.

It is our job to coordinate with all the parties to settlement (your bank, your real estate agent & the vendor’s solicitor).

We understand that first property buyers, investors & even developers often need a caring as well as experienced hand to guide them through the process and to make sure that they are protected as well as their costs are minimised.

We conduct thorough research of your new property to make sure that you are not inheriting the debts of the seller. We also make sure that the correct duties are paid to all authorities as well as that you receive discount, entitlement as well as grant available to you.

We will email you every document that you need to sign with proper instructions.

You won’t believe that you will not even have to attend settlement – we can do that for you.

We are highly experienced and always put the needs of our clients first.

Properties we can assist with:

  • Houses
  • Flats, apartments, units, strata, townhouses, company share, stratum, community
  • Vacant land
  • Commercial & industrial
  • Carpark leases & license agreements
  • small to large development sites (land and unit developments)
  • Off the plan & newly constructed
  • All other title and property types in Australia.

To find out more about the services we offer & how we can help you, speak to our dedicated team of property lawyers today.